My Opponent not fit to serve

October 15, 2017 jeffmoore

At the Latino Task Force forum last Thursday (Oct. 12), my opponent’s closing statement said a lot about her.  “I only want your vote if you believe a radical like me needs to be on the city council,”  and, speaking about following the law, she said she doesn’t care.

When we are sworn in as council members, we take an oath to uphold the U.S. and Colorado Constitutions, and the City Charter. How can you swear to this in good faith while intending to only follow laws with which you agree?


At 1:05 of the 1:10:36 minute video, listen in and judge for yourself.  Longmont does not need to spend endless dollars defending ourselves in frivolous lawsuits.  Negotiations to develop master contracts for oil & gas development puts us at the table, not on the plate with a fork in us.


With regards to cooperating with ICE, Longmont’s policy requires that ICE have a lawfully-executed warrant issued by a judge in order to cooperate with ICE or release detainees into ICE custody. To do otherwise would violate detainees’ constitutional rights.


I will uphold my oath to work within the law in defending Longmont’s rights.  To run on a platform to do otherwise is a disqualification to serve on city council.